Keywords:  interfaith organization, ecumenical, interreligious community building, interfaith projects, interfaith peace activism


A Mission of the Monmouth Center for World Religions and Ethical Thought (MCWRET) is to provide a center where world religions, individual and spiritual practices, dialogue, and other interfaith themes can be more deeply understood. Over the years, Board Members have responded to this mission with a rich variety of on-going projects.

The Projects area of the website is the place where Board Members describe these MCWRET projects. This website is our effort to “think globally and act locally”. We have realized that the interfaith materials developed in these projects can be of great practical usefulness and benefit to other interfaith communities around the world.

The ideas and materials in this area are intended to help promote interfaith work, to expand interfaith skills, and to deepen interfaith knowledge and understandings. We invite interested individuals and communities to work with these materials and to adapt them to their local situations. We invite your questions and contributions to these projects.

The Interfaith Listening Project

This interfaith learning laboratory is adapted from the methodology of the MIT Dialogue Project. The practice of “deep listening” helps to broaden our interfaith interactions. It provides us with direct knowledge about how we actually live and practice our faith/spiritual traditions. Solitude Project

This project investigates solitude, the state of awareness that has been a rich inspiration to the world’s spiritual traditions. The project also explores the perennial struggle between contemplation and action, sometimes called The Contemplative Dilemma, familiar to those in most spiritual traditions. This work developed out of our Interfaith Listening laboratory and the encouragement of the MCWRET interfaith community.


Spiritual Journeys Project

In this on-going series, Board Members describe the various paths of their own faith/spiritual development. They relate the ideas and experiences that have influenced and guided them.


Like-Minded Organizations

MCWRET maintains a directory of like-minded
organizations with a physical presence in New Jersey. The directory includes organizations that have a focus on advancing interfaith or intercultural understanding, peace-building, or the pursuit of social justice. The objectives of this directory are (1) to help interested individuals find a good fit for their interests and (2) to foster inter-group collaboration. The More Information page provides the links to the organizations and a PDF with details about each organizations. Visits Project

There are a wealth of religious settings in our communities. Board Members and invited guests informally visit these holy places. Our visits have included Trenton First Baptist Church for a member’s ordination, a Jain Diwali festival, several Muslim Iftars, a Jain Temple and a Sikh Temple. This project fosters a greater understanding of the community’s religious and cultural diversity.

Exhibit of Art and Artifacts from Different Faith Traditions

This collection of art representing several religious traditions is on permanent display and includes a small interfaith library. Recent additions are the statue of Lord Mahavir (donated by the Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA)) and two Sikh pieces – and a brass plaque of KHANDA (a Sikh insignia) and a decorative plate depicting Guru Gobind Singh being baptized by the first five Sikhs.

The Archive Project

This collection of documents chronicles how we, as a community interfaith group, have developed over a period of almost 20 years. It contains many practical ideas that may be particularly helpful to other interfaith organizations.

Youth Interfaith Dialogue    

A video documenting a dialogue session among a group of teens from a half dozen religious backgrounds has been shown at several public events. This led to the development of a discussion guide for teen interfaith dialogue entitled My Religion – Your Religion: A Teen Interfaith Dialogue. These resources are available for future use.

Views expressed by individual contributors or in linked websites do not necessarily represent the views of the MCWRET.