Interfaith Listening Project


Interfaith Listening Project

          Building a Collaborative Interfaith Organization

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"Listening" by Elizabeth Congdon

LISTENING AND DIALOGUE  are essential skills for building a collaborative interfaith organization.  When interfaith teams collaborate on programs and projects, diverse priorities and work styles can be expected. At community meetings, our pluralism sometimes results in communication gaps.

 And yet, the rich tapestry of ideas and beliefs are at the core of what interfaith groups are all about and what makes them so interesting.

The MCWRET created the Interfaith Listening Project as a laboratory. It was a place where the Board, our core group of around twenty people, could refine our abilities in listening and dialogue. We wanted to explore together some specific interfaith interests and potentially controversial issues. We wanted an environment where people felt safe to express whatever they needed to say. We wanted to use our new learning and skills to contribute to the larger interfaith community in our county and beyond.

This section of the website provides hands-on professional reference materials that were developed within our interfaith community as part of the Interfaith Listening Project. We are providing these practical illustrative models so that other interfaith and intercultural groups can adapt and use them in their local settings.  

Here you will find the story  of the Listening Project, some practical meeting ideas and examples  for creating a workshop, a checklist of listening skills  for pluralistic communities, and a recent exciting community program that combined original performance  art with listening and dialogue.

We invite you to adapt and use these ideas in your local group and community.

Listening Project Origins

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